Chinese Theme Learning (1)
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Chinese Theme Learning (1)

\\C-For-Chinese @JC |賽馬會友趣學中文計劃
C-For-Chinese @JC

English version Here (This will not show in the page)

L1 Body Part 身體部分

This Video is about body part. Through this video, you not only can learn Chinese, but also can play the funny games, let's learn together!


L2 Body Part II 身體部分II

Let's learn the sentences of Body Part in Chinese!


L3 Hand 手 

Hi! I am Mr.Marco. Let's learn what can you do with your hands! 

L4 Foot 腳

Hi! I am Mr Marco. This video is about What can we do with our foot. I knew some parents who had required to add some English translation. Therefore, i add the English translation and Cantonese Romanisation in this video. I hope you can understand easily.

中文版本在此編輯 (這不會顯示在頁面上)

L1 身體部分


L2 身體部分II


L3 手



L4 腳