School Without Borders - Inclusion Program for Secondary School Students (Jockey Club Lab for Cultural Diversity Study)
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School Without Borders - Inclusion Program for Secondary School Students (Jockey Club Lab for Cultural Diversity Study)

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The Jockey Club Lab for Cultural Diversity Study, a component under the C-for-Chinese@JC initiative launched by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims to support the ethnic minority (EM) group in 5 major domains:

  1. Diagnostic Assessment

  2. School-based Support

  3. Community Support

  4. Professional Networking & Wisdom Sharing

  5. Public Education

For school-based support, social inclusion and peer acceptance programmes have been conducted. “School Without Borders – Inclusion Program for Primary School Students” and “School Without Borders – Inclusion Program for Secondary School Students” presented here were designed by a team from the Department of Psychology. With psychological theories and empirical evidence as framework, these programs aim to guide students to appreciate cultural diversity, to accept other ethnic groups and to build a harmonious and inclusive campus together.

Two instructor’s manuals, one for primary school teachers and one for secondary school teachers, have been compiled. Teachers are welcome to implement these programs in their schools. The programs can be launched in social emotional learning lessons, life education lessons, or homeroom teacher’s lessons. They can also be conducted in small groups outside the regular school hours. The primary and secondary programs each consists of five lessons, and each lesson takes about an hour. Teachers can download all the teaching resources of individual lesson or all lessons by clicking the links below.

Instructor Manual:

Teaching resources:

Lesson 1: Stereotype

Lesson 2: Empathy

Lesson 3: Attributional Styles

Lesson 4: Growth Mindset

Lesson 5: Common Identity & Gratitude

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  1. 診斷評估

  2. 校本支援

  3. 社區支援

  4. 專業網絡與智慧共享

  5. 公眾教育

在校本支援方面,本計劃已進行有關共融及同伴接納的研究與介入工作。「無國界校園 –– 小學共融課程」「無國界校園 –– 中學共融課程」由心理學系的團隊設計。課程以心理學理論及實例作框架,目的是希望參與的學生能欣賞多元文化,懂得接納不同族裔的夥伴,學會一起建立和諧共融的校園。