C-For-Chinese@JC Cantonese Nursery Songs (4)
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C-For-Chinese@JC Cantonese Nursery Songs (4)

\\C-For-Chinese @JC |賽馬會友趣學中文計劃
C-For-Chinese @JC

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“C-for-Chinese@JC” aims to foster a culturally responsive and pleasurable learning environment, with a view to enhancing the Chinese proficiency of culturally diverse kindergarten children for their better transition to primary education and early integration.

The Nursery Rhyme Songbook is created for kindergarten children to learn Chinese through listening to songs. Parents can read the lyrics, listen to the songs, and sing with the music together with their children. Parents can also explain to their children the meanings of the lyrics by referring to the translation in the Songbook.

Cantonese Nursery Song: I’m Hungry

Cantonese Nursery Song: Where're Me and My Mum Going?

Cantonese Nursery Song: My Good Friend

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粵語兒歌: 肚餓了

粵語兒歌: 我和媽媽去哪裏?

粵語兒歌: 我的好友