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Free from the Trap 

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, all social activities and programs are suspended. Through phone contacts and consolation, we found that people were afraid to go outside due to the worry of community infection. They were trapped at home, physical & mental health were deteriorating. How can we breakthrough the physical distance and relieve from difficulties and boredom?  

A quarter past 3 - Sport Online

We started up a Facebook LIVE online channel to promote physical exercise at home. The channel is very successful that the golden-aged love to join. The sports coaches and social workers collaborate together, leading stretching and muscle trainings 2 days a week through live webcasts. In such digital channel, they can interact with coaches and other playmates directly, building up a sense of belonging as a group of exercise lovers, and thus, develop the habit of regular exercise at home.  Social networks are reconnected. It’s so amazing!


Startup 150 - Continuous exercise is a way

To keep healthy in the coronavirus pandemic, people realize that enhance immunity is more important than wearing masks. According to WHO guidelines, exercising 150 minutes a week can reduce the average risk of death by 31%. Everyone actually know that exercise is a “good medicine”, but their motivation to start is short. Even their physical functions are declining, their exercise habits are weak. It’s because they lack professional guidance, health care awareness and sports space.     

With the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the “Jockey Club Place for Healthy Ageing – Healthy Union” project was launched by Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service in October 2019.  By making good use of the idled space, regular exercise classes and varies activities are organised for the aged over 50 in a youth integrated centre and a church at daytime. The Healthy Union Hotspots are located in Tai Po, Tai Wo and Sham Shui Po respectively. And we aim at building up a healthy lifestyle and developing regular exercise habits.

What is “Startup 150”?  We encourage participants to commit 150 minutes every week, that is to do 75 minutes stretching exercises with coach guidance and to finish another 75 minutes muscle exercises with video instruction. Gratefully, we collaborate with Hong Kong Baptist University to tailor-made muscle training videos for the Golden-Aged also.

Keep Online Networking - exploring new service model

Actual courses and activities will soon be back as the epidemic settled. However, we can foresee the future changes of communication and life patterns due varies uncertainties that are caused by either epidemic or social unrest. New service model must be prepared. So, we would continue the Facebook LIVE Sport Online every Friday morning. Interactive dialogues will be encouraged and movement demonstrations will be conducted with themes.  Let’s join our Sport Online! Don’t miss the joyful moment!


Jockey Club Place for Healthy Ageing - Healthy Union



查詢: (深水埗) 6019 1673 / (大埔太和) 6019 7662

地址:深水埗醫局街 128-132 號金鍕樓 3 字樓(基督教香港信義會永生堂)


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「三點三●運動直播」Facebook LIVE是我們因疫情推出的網絡頻道,抗疫期間備受金齡人士(50歲或以上人士)歡迎。由運動教練及社工透過網絡直播,帶領參加每星期進行兩天的伸展及肌力訓練運動,讓他們安在家中也可以培養持續運動的習慣;同時也希望藉網上參加者間的互動及分享運動後心得,讓人打破隔離重新聯繫。

「賽馬會樂齡新天地-- 健康新生營」  運動直播短片重溫:




馬會於2019年10月捐助信義會開展「賽馬會樂齡新天地-- 健康新生營」計劃,透過活用機構轄下青少年服務中心及教會場地閒置時段,於大埔太和及深水埗區內設立「啓動熱點」提供恆常運動班組及多元化活動,協助有意建立健康生活模式的50歲以上人士及社區人士,培養持續運動習慣。 


保持網絡, 連繫新模式

或許實體課即將恢復,但可預視將來因疫情而引發生活模式變化,並充斥種種的不確定性,驅使我們思考如何迎向新服務模式。本計劃在六月開始,計劃將於周五早上繼續提供Facebook LIVE運動直播,並將更詳細地以「主題式」解答及示範動作,與大眾的健康繼續保持連線。 如對以上運動直播有興趣,切勿錯過呢! 


賽馬會樂齡新天地 - 健康新生營 Jockey Club Place for Healthy Ageing - Healthy Union



查詢: (深水埗) 6019 1673 / (大埔太和) 6019 7662

地址:深水埗醫局街 128-132 號金鍕樓 3 字樓(基督教香港信義會永生堂)