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In face of the pandemic, it is common that people dwell in their negative emotions. Therefore, maintaining the well-being is essential to everyone. New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association has prepared a resource package for well-being for elevating everyone's spirits.

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Mental Well-being Series - Embracing Your Negative Emotions with Curiosity (Chinese version only)

Mental Well-being Series - Stop and breath

Mental Well-being Series - Nurturing Your Kindness

Mental Well-being Series - Mindfulness Walking Practice

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面對每日多變的疫情狀況,不少人都有驚慌、不安、憤怒、傷心等等的感受。在「疫」境當中,身心靈健康對於所有人都非常重要。新生精神康復會為大家準備了身心靈生活 (330) 生活錦囊,如有興趣可下載「喜伴身心靈 - 身心靈生活錦囊」。

[不忘照顧心靈] 系列 - 「帶著好奇心,與不愉悅的感覺共處」 

[不忘照顧心靈] 系列 - 「停一停,給自己一個呼吸空間」


「不忘照顧心靈」系列 - 「灌溉心中慈愛友善的種子」 

「不忘照顧心靈」系列 - 「坐立不安?不如靜心步行」練習?