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Children with Courage

Have you ever felt frustrated when spending time with your kids? Do you feel puzzled when responding to them?

Safe and stable attachment helps build your kids independence at an early age  and be more willing to explore the environment with courage.

Babies aged 13 to 24 months tend to attach to one or some particular caregivers to build up their emotional interactions, which help babies arouse the attention of their caregivers by crying, climbing and yearning for comfort. Through fitness exercise, music, stretching and massage, parents can develop more interactions and attachments with kids.

The First Big Step

Coming from a grass-roots family and raised by a single-mom, Guo-Guo, a 2-year-old boy with congenital disease and dystonia, had trouble standing up on his own. Guo-guo joined the TOUCH program for 0 - 2-year-olds at YWCA Jockey Club Community Support Network for SEN Children, which consists of music sessions, stretching, massages and other fitness activities. After 10 sessions, Guo-guo’s lower limb movements greatly improved, allowing him to take his first steps on his own. Not only was Guo-guo’s mum pleased and relieved that his son was able to walk without assistance, but Guo-guo was also able to establish a closer attachment and have a greater sense of security with his mum.

Guo-guo and his mum enjoying their time through non-verbal interactions.

PLAY with Parenthood

PLAYing is crucial for the development of kids 3 to 6 years old. When was the last time you enjoyed PLAYing with your kids? PLAY JOURNEY, a play-based activity program developed to enhance the parent-child relationships, enables family support networks through parent groups, kids groups and family gathering activities.

Chong-chong and mum enjoying their parent-child time.

Games with Love

Chong-chong, a 6 year old boy, had been yearning for more attention from his mum since the birth of his sister, as attention in the family had focused on the younger sister. For this reason, Chong-chong bullied his sister in an attempt to gain more attention. Chong-chong's mother, who quit her job a year ago to become a full-time mother, was puzzled about this behaviour and wanted to understand what emotional problems were causing this. Chong-chong’s attention-seeking behaviour only worsened over time, affecting the parent-child and sibling relationships within the household.

In an effort to mend family relations, Chong-chong along with his mum joined PLAY JOURNEY for 3- to 6-year-old kids at YWCA Jockey Club Community Support Network for SEN Children. Since then, Chong-chong has learned to express his emotions, and felt more love from his mum. Through playing with Chong-chong, his mum was able to re-establish a connection with her son, as well as understand her son’s emotional needs. Chong-chong’s mum also bought interactive toys to increase parent-child time. Because of the program, Chong-chong was able to establish a stronger sibling relationship with his sister, increasing harmony within the family. Chong-chong is now a primary 1 student and is able to express his emotions much better than before.

Through TOUCH and PLAY, we hope to make children participating feel the love given by their caregivers and establish a greater relationship with them. With a good family life, we can see more independent children able to express their emotions with greater courage, improving home life.

We Walk with you during Class Suspension

COVID-19 has greatly impacted all Hong Kongers, bringing many uncertainties to parents and kids as family tensions increase as time spent together increases. To help maintain a peaceful and happy family environment, we have produced the series FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH, a collection of fun and informative videos and games for parents to walk with their kids to increase harmony in the home.

Video teaching parents to help kids wearing masks.
Funny games: enhancing parent-child time.

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