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School Educational Project

Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Literacy and Learning Project (2019/20)

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Generously supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) has embarked to pioneer a three-year programme entitled Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Literacy and Learning Project (the Project) since September 2018. A series of school tours of interactive performancesGuided Appreciation on Dance Productions and Experiential Workshops on Contemporary Dance are offered to the primary and secondary school students to explore a comprehensive learning experience in dance performance, ignite their interest and lay a breeding ground for art appreciation. More than 60 primary and secondary schools have participated in the Project in the last school year with an overwhelming response from teachers and students on the “Contemporary Dance School Tours”:

“The programme was amazing in a way that brought the concept of contemporary dance to life with effortless style. The students remained engrossed throughout the performance.” Ms. Chim (詹主任), Hennessy Road Government Primary School 

“The Experiential Workshops for Teachers and Students were truly an eye-opener!” Ms. Lai (黎主任), Emmanuel Primary School

“The experience was awesome! Their passion shone through the dance. Excellent!!!” student of Semple Memorial Secondary School

Meanwhile, the “Guided Appreciation Programme: Prism-Angles” has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Dance Education, Youth Dance, Community Dance, or Site-specific Dance of the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019.

Details of the Project:

1.        School Tour Show “Dance Out of the Box 2.0” – Encompassing a novel combination of live demonstrations, lectures and interactive activities, the brand new production introduces how contemporary dance is channeled from daily life experiences and intrigues your students to think about the relationship of dance, personal expression and the environment;

2.        Guided Appreciation on Dance Productions – Touring the new Hong Kong performing arts venue, the West Kowloon Cultural District with the guided appreciation tailor-made for schools, we introduce students to professional stage performances brought together by lighting, music, stage effects and various multimedia elements. All these combine to enrich the aesthetic experience of the art of dance;

3.        Experiential Workshops on Contemporary Dance

Workshops for Students: Designed for students with potential, the workshop will be delivered by professional instructors to further cultivate your students' artistry and composition.

Workshops for Teachers: Through the experience of dance, lectures and application of teaching kits, the workshops foster teachers' concept and expertise in contemporary dance and extend the art of dance education on campus.


Dance Out of the Box Online Resource Teaser

Through four online video episodes, the audience explore the origin of contemporary dance with the CCDC Teaching Artists, learn about the elements of dance, follow the teaching artists personal journey and how contemporary dance creation originated from life. Anyone can create and perform contemporary dance. Each video is carefully crafted to ensure that enjoyment and knowledge are nicely balanced.

This teaching resource is distributed to students at all levels through the school's online learning platform. Simple and easy to use, there is no need to download additional applications. This resource will benefit every student in the school.

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School Tour Show Dance Out of the Box 2.0 Behind-the-scene 

Limited spaces available for the new school year of 2019/20, enrol now!   

Details of the Project and the registration form are enclosed. Please complete and return it to CCDC by fax (2326 0220) or email (annettelo@ccdcdc.com.hk). Schools with confirmed registration will be notified individually in writing.

For further information, please contact Ms. Annette Lo at 2726 9068.

School Tour Application Form

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Teachers Workshop Application Form

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全新學校教育項目 免費到校巡演

賽馬會當代舞「賞‧識」教育計劃 網上學習資源 預告






「舞‧出個框框 2.0」新版學校巡演


CCDC 副藝術總監(教育)梁曉端 - 為何要「賞‧識」舞蹈?


「節目精彩,能把當代舞的概念深入淺出,學生看得很投入。」 軒尼詩道官立小學 詹主任 

「教師和學生的工作坊開拓了他們的視野!」靈光小學 黎主任



而舞台導賞節目《點睇當代舞:〈棱角〉》,更獲提名香港舞蹈年獎2019 傑出舞蹈教育/青少年舞蹈/社區舞蹈或環境舞蹈。


1.「舞.出個框框2.0」新版學校巡演 – 全新創作版本,結合現場示範、講解及互動環節的趣味活動,介紹當代舞如何從生活體驗轉化而成,引發同學們思考舞蹈與個人表達及環境的關係;

2. 舞台導賞 – 同學親身到本港全新表演場地西九文化區,欣賞專業的舞台演出,配備燈光、音樂、舞台效果及其他多媒體元素,配合為學校特別而設的導賞,深化體驗舞蹈藝術的美感價值;

3. 當代舞工作坊 

  • 學生工作坊:為具潛質的同學而設,由專業導師教授,進一步深化同學的舞蹈技巧及創作手法。

  • 老師工作坊:透過舞蹈體驗、講解及教材套應用,加強老師對當代舞的概念及專業知識,以及在校園裡延伸舞蹈藝術的教育。







報名及查詢: 2726 9068 (盧小姐)

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