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Established by Salon Film (H.K.) Limited in 2016, Salon Media Lab is a co-creative start-up network for new media ventures. With nearly 60 years’ profound history of professional filmmaking servicing since 1959, we are experienced in professional filming and new media technologies with strong network and advanced resources. With our top-notch multi-disciplinary partners, we are a platform to foster film and media development in Hong Kong, which equip, nurture and connect aspiring media pioneers in filmmaking, animation and new media technologies industries.|沙龍文化產業研究所,為沙龍電影於二零一六年成立的媒體創意企業初創平台。憑藉沙龍電影於一九五九年始、接近六十年的影視製作經驗,我們具備豐富資源、強大業界網絡,專業器材及技術支援經驗。我們成立沙龍文化產業研究所,期望透過共同平台連結業界內外的頂尖夥伴,連結、裝備和培育有志於媒體的創業者,從以推動香港電影、動畫、新媒體科技的發展。