#CoolThink教室 – 用Scratch創作故事
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#CoolThink教室 – 用Scratch創作故事

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Three Little Pigs


Three Little Pigs Starter Project


【Lesson 1】

As Ms Carmen and Mr Tony had taught us how to tell a story by creating an animation in Scratch, Mr Tony would like you all to think about a creative new ending for the Three Little Pigs. Even if you are not confident about your idea, you can rewrite a new ending by using the complete version of this animation. Let's see how does Mr Tony create the project by using "Remix" in the following video.

【Lesson 2】

Have you created your own story of the Three Little Pigs? Don't you think it was very interesting? If you want to put some more ideas into the project, you can learn from this video, in which Ms Carmen would teach you how to introduce new characters in a creative way for your project.

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完成版 (Three Little Pigs)


空白版 (Three Little Pigs Starter Project)



呢幾次Carmen老師同Tony Sir都教咗大家點樣用Scratch製作動畫去講故仔,今次Tony Sir就考吓小朋友嘅創意,每人去創作一個「三隻小豬」嘅結局。就算同學仔覺得自己創意唔算好叻,唔知點樣從頭入手,都可以用一個完成版去改編㗎!最緊要即刻上堂,跟住Tony Sir學識點樣「Remix」個Project。