#CoolThink教室 – 用Scratch創作笑話
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#CoolThink教室 – 用Scratch創作笑話

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【Lesson 1】

In the last few lessons, Ms Carmen and Mr Tony taught us how to create a maze with Scratch. Did you have fun with them? This time, Ms Carmen challenges you all to create jokes with Scratch!

As mentioned by Ms Carmen, you need to learn about what does the instruction "wait" mean before producing this animation. Let's see why!

【Lesson 2】

In Lesson 1, you have learnt to tell a joke through a dual dialogue by using the "wait" instruction in Scratch. As this seems to be time-consuming, Mr Tony will teach you how to use "broadcast" event to simplify your programming process. You can also learn how to change the background of the animation.

【Lesson 3】

Do you still remember how to use "broadcast" to program an animation, and change the animation background? How can we tell a story by using Scratch in a more dynamic way? In this lesson, Ms Carmen will teach you about more concepts about events and synchronising actions in Scratch so that you can insert different dialogues and reactions for more characters. 

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之前Carmen老師同Tony Sir教大家用Scratch整迷宮,各位小朋友喺屋企係咪玩得好開心呢?今次Carmen老師又有新挑戰俾大家,就係用Scratch製作動畫講笑話俾人聽啦!



上一堂Carmen老師教咗大家利用Scratch嘅「等待」指令,創造出一個2人對話情景嚟講笑話,但成日要計時似乎有啲麻煩,點算好呢?就等Tony Sir 喺今堂教大家用「事件」呢個概念入面嘅「廣播」指令,去簡化編程步驟,唔駛計嚟計去之餘,仲教埋大家點轉背景圖片,你都立即同小朋友一齊上堂啦!


大家仲記唔記得Tony Sir上次點教你用「廣播」寫動畫呀?唔單止咁,仲可以喺中途換背景,令你嘅動畫更豐富!不過好多時創作故事都唔止得兩個角色,點樣先可以更多元化咁用Scratch去講故仔呢?今次Carmen老師就教大家用「事件」同埋「同步發生」兩個概念用喺當中,即使多過一個角色,都可以輕鬆處理唔同嘅對話同反應!仲唔即刻同小朋友一齊上堂?

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